Singapore Maid Agencies for Foreign Domestic Workers

Domestic workers play a critical role in the home. They become family members in extending as they are involved in a lot of daily home activities. It is therefore important to get the right domestic workers Singapore maid agency is company that helps you to get foreign domestic workers from different countries. They play different roles to ensure that you get trusted and hardworking workers. Their services are aimed at making sure that you have a maid that you can trust for all your domestic chores. Foreign domestic workers come from diverse grounds and it won't be easy for you to identify their trust and capabilities that easy. This is why they offer the maid agency services to make it easy for you.

They play different roles aimed at making sure that you get a made that you can trust. Some of the services offered direct placement of foreign domestic workers. They source for domestic workers from abroad and place them to the employers. They also offer direct hiring of foreign workers if you prefer so.  They assist you throughout the stay with the domestic worker beyond the placement they are committed to your interest and will act on any minor concern that you might raise. For further readings, visit .

The Singapore maid agency conducts placement of transfer maid services if there is a need.  They offer training courses and workshops for both workers and employers. These are workshops intended t improve the relationship between the two. They provide a variety of training services. These include training care of babies, training in care of elderly and disable and training in care for babies.  They also train the maids in cooking, and in spoken English. They provide general orientation for employment as a domestic worker in Singapore. To read more about this, follow the given link.

The Singapore maid agency provides other services related to the foreign worker. Among these services include home leave processing, application of work permits in Singapore. They support the renewal of passports and work permits. They seek for embassy endorsement, cancellation of work permits if need be and booking and purchasing of air tickets.  The agency at this website conducts purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for maids, repatriation of maid if need be, and arrangement of medical check up for maids. If you have any other foreign worker related services that you need, they would be willing to help. Consider their services and they will help you have a great experience with the foreign domestic worker.